Kodansha USA veröffentlicht "Sailor Moon" und "Sailor V"

Miki , 19.03.2011 15:40

2011 wird das Jahr des weltweiten Sailor Moon-Comebacks werden. Erst vor drei Wochen gab m4e die erneute Lizenzierung des kompletten Franchises für den deutschen Markt bekannt (der Manga wurde scheinbar davon ausgenommen, denn bisher hat sich noch kein deutscher Verlag positiv dazu geäußert, wenn auch Egmont Manga & Anime daran interessiert ist). In den USA sieht die Sache anders aus, denn dort wurde der Anime noch nicht lizenziert. Dafür ist aber seit gestern bekannt, dass der Manga ab September 2011 von Kodansha Comics veröffentlicht werden soll. Zusätzlich soll erstmals die zweibändige Serie Codename: Sailor V eine englische Übersetzung erhalten. Die insgesamt zwölf Bände der Hauptserie (als Basis dient der japanische Re-Release aus dem Jahr 2003) sollen zweimonatlich erscheinen. Im Folgenden findet ihr die englische Pressemitteilung:

NEW YORK, New York – March 18, 2011 – Kodansha USA Publishing, a subsidiary of Kodansha, announced today the exciting return of Naoko Takeuchi's SAILOR MOON, one of the most significant names in comics and manga, to US publishing. Brand new deluxe editions of the acclaimed series will be released by Kodansha USA's Kodansha Comics imprint in September 2011. Out of print for six years, SAILOR MOON re-launches along with Takeuchi's two-volume prequel series CODENAME: SAILOR V, in print in the US for the first time—making this one of the most highly anticipated manga releases in years.

The Sailor Moon manga, which originated in Japan in 1992 and debuted in the US in 1997, follows Usagi Tsukino, a young girl who transforms into super heroine Sailor Moon to combat evil and fight for love and justice in the name of the Moon and the mysterious Moon Princess. The first successful shôjo (girls') manga release in the US, SAILOR MOON changed the book landscape and helped establish the foundation for the manga craze; in particular drawing attention to the popularity of comics among female readers.

Prequel series CODENAME: SAILOR V, the first of Takeuchi's “magical girl” manga, will make its highly anticipated debut in the US alongside the SAILOR MOON re-launch. In CODENAME: SAILOR V, teenager Minako Aino fights as Sailor V against the villains of the Dark Agency before she discovers Sailor Moon.

The Kodansha USA editions of SAILOR MOON will be published on a bi-monthly schedule and follow the 2003 Japanese re-release format of the classic series. The original 18 volumes have been condensed into 12 volumes covering the main storyline, and two volumes dedicated to short stories. Each volume has gorgeous new cover art, retouched interior art and dialogue along with extensive bonus material from Takeuchi, and detailed translation notes.

One of the most recognized manga and anime properties in the world, SAILOR MOON took American pop culture by storm, with mentions in music (“One Week” by Barenaked Ladies), bestselling books (The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot) and more. In Japan, over 15 million copies have been sold and the series has generated everything from animated features to live action musicals, a live action television series and countless merchandise.

“I'm very excited to reintroduce Ms. Takeuchi's work to her American fans,” said Yoshio Irie, president and CEO of Kodansha USA Publishing. Irie is also the former chief editor of Nakayosi magazine in which the Sailor Moon manga was serialized. “As we continue to build the Kodansha Comics manga list, a title like SAILOR MOON is the jewel in our crown. As the former chief editor of the work in Japan, I'm especially thrilled to finally release the prequel, CODENAME: SAILOR V, to the many fans who have been asking for it at long last.”

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