Manga Ent. cancelt "Xam'd: Lost Memories Part 2"-Blu-ray

Miki , 11.08.2011 23:43

Manga Entertainment teile heute über Twitter mit, das Xam'd: Lost Memories Part 2 auf Blu-ray ersatzlos gestrichen werden musste. Da sich Part 1 in den ersten drei Wochen nach dem Release nur ca. 100x verkaufte, blieb dem Label leider nichts anderes übrig. Um die Entscheidung besser nachvollziehen zu können, wurden zwei Statements nachgeschoben:

Nummer 1:
"This was the last new anime series release we had scheduled for Blu-Ray this year that isn't a successful on-going anime series like Bleach or Naruto. As you saw with FMA: Brotherhood, even hit shows are hard to sustain on Blu-Ray in the UK market. We are going to be much more careful about which new shows we pick up for Blu-Ray next year.

A good rule of thumb will be how many copies of Blu-Ray are sold in the US. We generally achieve 10-15% of the US Videoscan sales on any release. So, I'd need Series A to sell at least 5,000 units in its first month in the US in order to justify a UK release (that's 500 copies in its first month in the UK). We'll figure it out.

I'd like to personally apologise again to those Xam'd fans we have disappointed with this decision. Sorry!"

Nummer 2:
"Here's bit more detail on Bluray costs as they relate to a Manga release. It can cost us anything from £3,000-£6,000 to author 2 Blu-Ray discs. Add to that the cost of manufacturing, AACS fees etc and before we have sold a single copy we have a double digit investment we need to recoup. We would need to sell through at least 1,500 copies at full price in order to recoup.

Even though some of you are saying you were holding off buying Part 1 until you knew we'd commit to part 2 on Blu-Ray, it really isn't enough of you to have effected sales in a really positive way. I don't even believe that if we released Bleach or Shippuden series on Blu-Ray we'd sell enough copies to break even. Generally, a best-selling Blu-Ray will do 30% of your DVD sales.

We could increase the price of series on Blu-Ray, but I don't think many of you would support that. We are not ditching Blu-Ray, but we are going to have to be more choosy about what we choose to release on the format. Was putting out Xam'd and Casshern Sins on Blu-Ray a good idea? Probably not. Was putting Eva 1.11 and Eva 2.22 out on Blu-Ray a good idea? Very yes!"

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